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Uncharted PS4 actor posts behind-the-scenes mo-cap shots


Todd Stashwick, the mystery voice behind the new Uncharted teaser trailer, has given fans something else to stew over: a series of behind-the-scenes photos showing off some of the game's motion capturing.

Stashwick posted the photos to Twitter, the first of him in the mo-cap suite along with the message: "The guts the glamour the glory that is #uncharted #ps4 #whoisthisguy?"

Who is this guy, indeed. Stashwick was the mysterious voice in the teaser, but nobody really knows what role he'll play in the new Uncharted game, set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4. I'm guessing he's going to be the game's main antagonist, as it's been confirmed that Nathan Drake will return in the game.

He also posted another picture of a mannequinn presumably shot dead while holding an apple.

On a side note, the apple looks strangely similar to the Wumpa Fruit in the Crash Bandicoot series. "Crash" dummy holding an apple? I'd continue my conspiracy, except Activision has already confirmed they still own the licensing for the once popular PlayStation franchise.

At least we know apples will live on in the new Uncharted...

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