Uncharted actor Nolan North: 'PS4 is going to be pretty amazing'

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Nolan North, one of the most iconic voices in the gaming industry (literally, he does the voice for just about every character), has seen the PlayStation 4. And he's impressed.

"I've seen some of the prototypes of the PS4 and I know that a lot of the developers I'm working with that use the PS4... it's an amazing machine," he told GamerHub at the recent GameStop Expo in Las Vegas.

"I think it's going to step up the game for every game," he added. "Whether it's Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty, all of these games are going to benefit from just the technology that they're putting out.

"When we think we've reached the pinnacle of what a game can look like, some genius somewhere makes it a little bit better and opens up the avenue for an opportunity to make the game more cinematic, more of an experience," he said. "I think the PS4 is going to be pretty amazing -- it's going to push those boundaries even further."

North didn't comment on what he was currently working on, but many are hoping it's a new Uncharted game. We'll have to continue to wait patiently as Naughty Dog has yet to announce anything. Though they did show off a shipment of 120 more PlayStation 4 devkits. Ah yes, something big is in the works.

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