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Uncharted 3's free-to-play model could translate to The Last of Us


Sony is no stranger to free-to-play games. Over the past few months, the company has expanded its catalog of free-to-play offerings with titles like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online. As of yesterday, PlayStation 3 owners can now enjoy Uncharted 3's multiplayer for free. Looking ahead we'll see the release of CCP Games' Dust 514, a completely free-to-play MMOFPS that links to the MMO EVE Online. Judging by Sony's track record, it's safe to assume future PS3 titles will adopt this similar model.

One of those new titles could be The Last of Us, set to release this June. We already know The Last of Us will offer a multiplayer mode. And even though the game has a clear emphasis on a single player campaign, Naughty Dog promises the multiplayer mode will be awesome. But will it be free? Given Naughty Dog's new approach with Uncharted 3, which shares a similar emphasis on story, it's not too hard to imagine. Interviewing with the PlayStation Europe blog, Uncharted 3 Game Director Justin Richmond was asked about such a possibility.

Of course, it was the typical "can't really comment on The Last of Us as we are still actively working on it," response. More importantly, Richmond didn't flat out reject the notion either. Although he didn't confirm that The Last of Us will adopt the free-to-play model for its multiplayer, he did acknowledge that if the "endeavour goes well, it is something we will certainly be looking at for future products."

Without knowing exactly what sort of multiplayer component we have, it's hard to predict. If it's more of a co-op multiplayer, I wouldn't expect it to be free. However, if it's a deathmatch, survival type of thing, we could see it offered as a free-to-play component somewhere down the line.

[PlayStation Europe]

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