Ultra Mega Hyper Rockstar/2K Sale on Xbox Live

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Following in the wake of EA and Activision's epic half-off sales on Xbox Live, 2K and Rockstar have announced their own list of discounted goodies.

Starting now and running through January 31, the following games/add-ons/avatar items are 50% off (new price shown):

$5 Borderlands - Zombie Island of Dr Ned Borderlands - New Revolution Borderlands - Secret Armory Borderlands - Underdome Bioshock 2 - Minerva's Den Bioshock 2 - Rapture Metro Mafia 2 - Jimmy's Vendetta Mafia 2 - Joe's Adventure Axel & Pixel The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom GTA IV - The Lost and Damned RDR Undead Nightmare RDR Legends & Killers RDR Liars & Cheats

$2.50 Bioshock 2 - Sinclair Solutions Bioshock 2 - Protector Trials

$2 Bioshock 2 Prototype Big Daddy Outfit M Bioshock 2 Prototype Big Daddy Outfit F RDR - Armadillo Undead Outfit M RDR - Armadillo Undead Outfit F

$1.50 Mafia II - Vito's Outfit M Mafia II - Vito's Outfit F

$1 Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Helmet Borderlands - Bandit Mask Borderlands - Moxxi Hat Mafia II - Fedora


William Haley
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