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UK Continues to Bash 3DS


For weeks, UK-based tabloid The Sun has been publishing articles bashing the 3DS. The main issue that the gossip-laden publication is tackling is the headache problem some 3DS consumers have suffered since the dual screen handheld's launch. UK's own investigative research TV show Watchdog has since begun its own attack on the 3DS.

In a recent episode, the BBC television series "reported" that several people fell ill after playing on their 3DS systems. The questionable story mentioned that many individuals needed medication after their experiences with the portable. The segment ended with the reporter smugly saying, "Game on? Possibly not."

This type of reporting is certain to put many people in panic mode. Before you rush to return your 3DS, though, remember that there's hardly any validity to the claims made by this so-called reporter. While it's no secret that people have endured headaches during 3DS play sessions, the story from this Watchdog segment was taken directly from The Sun, which in turn was taken from one person who claimed to need medication after using the 3DS. The rest of the information in The Sun article was completely fabricated by the publication.

It's ludicrous just how insane "news" outlets can be when it comes to their reporting. Obviously, if you experience headaches while playing video games, the natural solution would be to take a break. Everyone knows that by now. I also hope everyone knows not to believe everything they read in tabloid journalism outlets.

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