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UK Xbox prices rise with change from Microsoft Points to real currency

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Xbox 360 gamers should get ready for the price of games to go up. The Xbox 360 dashboard update, which is currently in its beta-testing phase -- converts the existing Microsoft Points into real-world, local currency. 

Unfortunately, this is changing the value of games, as Microsoft Points were cheaper under the old system. The new prices are more in line with prices on PSN. Here's the new pricing for games in the upcoming dashboard update:

  • 1600 MSP games are now £14.99, up from £13.60
  • 1200 MSP games are now £11.99, up from £10.20
  • 800 MSP games are now £8.99, up from £6.80
  • 400 MSP games are now £4.49, up from £3.20

Conversion to a real money system means paying the local prices instead of a universal mark set by Microsoft. 

If you have MSP still unused, I would use them soon and get your full value for them, because when the full transition to real currency goes through, you'll be getting an amount of money less than what a game would cost.

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