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UFC Undisputed 3 Light Heavyweights Revealed


UFC Undisputed 3 is slated for a January 2012 release, but that hasn't stopped THQ from divulging a little information about the game to get fans hyped.  What better way to get in the fighting spirit then by letting fans know the roster lineup for who they can beat to a bloody pulp.  Thanks to ESPN's Jon Robinson, we now know the Light Heavyweights that will be in this year's UFC Undisputed game.

The following fighters will be in UFC Undisputed 3:

  • Ryan Bader - Ryan Bader, or "Darth", is a Division I All-American Wrestler.  Weighing in at 205 LB, Bader brings some heavy hands into the octogan.  With a 12-2 record, Baders wins come by 57% takedown, 29% striking, and 14% submission.  You are going to want to focus on takedowns with this guy
  • Jason Brills - "Hitman" is 5'11", 205 LB.  Brills specializes in wrestling and submissions and has amassed an 18-4-1 record.
  • Phil Davis (Available via pre-order only) - "Mr. Wonderful" has a perfect 9-0 record thanks to his wrestling specialty.  Over his 9 wins, 42% have been from takedowns.
  • Cyrille Diabate - This guy is a heavy hitter, with 89% of his 18 wins coming from Striking.  Known as "The Snake", Diabate is highlighted for his International experience and a good camp.
  • Rashad Evans - Nicknamed "Suga", this native New Yorker has a staggering 21-1-1 record.  He's got power, speed, and great conditioning.  This guy has got it all and should be a heavy favorite in this year's UFC Undisputed 3.
  • Rich Franklin - "Ace" has been around for quite awhile.  Checking in at age 36, he has an overall record of 28-6.  THQ lists him as having excellent striking skills and good conditioning.  According to THQ, he's very well-rounded.
  • Forest Griffin - With an 18-7 overall record, Griffin is a well-rounded, good grappler, with excellent leg kicks.  THQ notes his "heart" when fighting, which could have something to do with his 18 wins.
  • Matt Hamill - This ex-electrician is known as "The Hammer".  And with a skill in boxing it's no wonder why.  He's probably got fists like small hammers.  THQ also notes his wrestling skill.
  • Dan Henderson - Henderson also fights at middleweight.  This Olympic wrestler has a great mental attitude with the ability to knockout opponents with either hand.
  • Quinton Jackson - He alpha.  Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is 32-9 overall with skills in wrestling.  With great slamming ability and brute strength, it's suicide to step in the ring with this guy.  Look at his neck.  He alpha.
  • Jon Jones - Supposedly he's got great reach this year.  "Bones" also has great athleticism which helps make up for his unorthodox striking.  Jones has a 14-1 overall record with championship experience.
  • Chuck Liddell -  This guy has been around forever.  "The Iceman" steps into the octogan at a staggering age of 41.  Still, he's an excellent striker and a well-rounded grappler who has an overall record of 21-8.
  • Lyoto Machida - "The Dragon", hailing from Brazil, has a very unorthodox style.  But he also has a background in karate.  Machida has good head movement which makes him an elusive fighter.
  • Vladmir Mayushenko - "The Janitor" is up there in age with Chuck Liddell.  At 40 years old, he's got great physical strength and tons of experience.
  • Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - Another guy up there in age, Nogueria is 35 years old.  He's got skill in boxing and Jiu Jitsu.  Before he was a fighter he worked in a law office.  I'd hate to see him lose a case.
  • Tito Ortiz - The "Hunnington Beach Bad Boy" is a good wreslter with great conditioning and tons of heart.  Don't let him catch you on the ground has he has a vicious ground and pound move.
  • Mauricio Rua - Rua is very aggressive with an excellent background in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.  Nicknamed "Shogun", his excellent leg kicks have led him to a 20-5 record.
  • Thiago Silva - This 6'1" fighter is especially strong in striking and very aggressive.  46% of his 14 wins have been a result of Striking.
  • Brandon Vera - "The Truth" is Vera has excellent kicks, knees, and elbows.  He's also got good grappling technique. 

That wraps up full rundown of the the light heavyweights that made the cut in UFC Undisputed 3.  Who whill you be fighting with?

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