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Ueda (Last Guardian) Hints That Their Next Game Could Go Back to 'Shadows of Colossus'-like Open World

More giant climbing and impossibly huge landscapes!?

Ueda (Last Guardian) Hints That Their Next Game Could Go Back to Shadows of Colossus Open World

This morning, Fumito Ueda, the mind behind The Last Guardian and Shadow of Colussus, appeared in a "fireside" chat with Ubisoft's David Polfelt a the Nordic Game Conference,

According to, Ueda spoke about going back to an open-world style like Shadow of Colossus. During the chat, he said:

"I created the more open world of Shadow because Ico was an adventure game set in such a small space – and I spent four years in that closed space. So I wanted to go out into something more open.

I cannot talk about the details [of my next project] but… Shadow came out of the experience with Ico, [going] from a closed world to open world. When I completed Shadow, there was a moment where I wondered if I wanted to go around an open world again, and maybe I should go back to a more closed space, spending a more intimate time with something in that space. That became the starting point for The Last Guardian.

Now I’ve completed The Last Guardian and spent so many years in that game, maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment."

Despite  The Last Guardian taking two console generations to finally release, genDESIGN seems to already be preparing for another venture into the game development world. It's most likely going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 just like the previous titles from the team, despite the fact that genDESIGN is an independent studio.

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