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Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Go Home is Available on Store Shelves

November 2, 2009

Ubisoft Announces Rabbids Go Home is Available on Store Shelves

The New Comedy-Adventure Has the Rabbids Plotting to the Moon or Bust!

Today Ubisoft announced the comedy-adventure Rabbids Go Home is available on store shelves for the Wii and the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi.

Featuring a new wacky storyline, diverse gameplay, and intuitive controls, Rabbids Go Home has the zany Rabbids wreaking havoc on the Humans in pursuit of their quest to make it the moon. The DS and DSi version will feature a different gameplay experience where players will solve a variety of puzzles and brain teasers in an effort to collect as much stuff as they can to build a giant pile all the way to the moon. Rabbids Go Home for the Wii is rated "E10+” and has an MSRP of $49.99. Rabbids Go Home for the DS and DSi is rated "E” and has an MSRP of $29.99.

About the Game:
The Rabbids first comedy-adventure will take them to the moon or bust! Those crazy Rabbids have an infallible plan: collect all the human stuff they can find, heap it onto a giant pile and literally climb home to the moon. But not so fast! The Humans revolt, unleashing the Verminators whose only objective is to exterminate the Rabbids.

Rabbids Go Home game features for the Nintendo Wii include:

  • To the Moon or Bust! – Absurd & hilarious storyline that could only come from the Rabbids universe. Control two Rabbids and their shopping cart and collect varying sizes of human Stuff to build a sky-high pile of junk in their quest to reach the moon.

  • In the Wii Remote – Gobble up Rabbids inside your Wii Remote and customize your very own Rabbid avatars to play with instantaneously…in-game!

  • Over 40 Missions and 15 Environments in a World Full of Wackiness – Scour through supermarkets, race across rooftops, jet past airports and boost through the Bayou while scaring the Humans right down to their undies – literally!

  • Wreak Havoc with a Friend in Co-Op Mode – Have a friend help you progress through the game thanks to both useful and hilarious "Cannonball/Stunt Rabbid” gameplay.

  • Live Inside a Cartoon! – Encounter a cast of colorful, oddball characters and explore a remarkable parody of the modern world as if you were living inside an interactive cartoon!

Rabbids Go Home game features for the Nintendo DS and DSi include:

  • The Rabbids First Puzzle-Adventure Game: The Raving Rabbids, using a shopping cart, will have to solve the puzzle of each level and collect as much stuff as they can to build a giant pile to their home… the moon!

  • Stir up funny chain reactions in 150 brain teasers based on physics and funny Rabbids characters. The goal is to lead a shopping cart to the Toilets, collecting as many maximum resources as possible on the way.

  • 15 tricky levels to actually build a huge pile to the moon: Test your reflexes and your skills with the stylus!

  • Challenge mode: Four delirious challenge modes of 20 levels each, apart from the story mode and with different rules and objectives. Create hilarious situations by getting rid of those Raving Rabbids or making them fly! But be careful to not miss the TV show.

  • Exclusive level editor: Create your own puzzles and share them with your friends and the whole RGH community! Also download other players' puzzles for hours of additional gameplay.

  • My Rabbids (only on Nintendo DSi): Use the camera to take a picture, and customize it with funny Rabbid animations to make your friends laugh!

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