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Ubisoft "Triple Pack" includes Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust


Ubisoft has a lot of surprisingly awesome titles in the repitoire, though it seems that many of them have gone unnoticed by the gaming public at large. For instance, Beyond Good & Evil was practically good enough to rival Zelda when it was first released, and it's a crime that the solid action-platformer will likely never warrant a sequel.

Point is, you need more Ubisoft in your life, and the newly hinted at Ubisoft "Triple Pack" is a good place to start. Outed by UK retailer, the collection will retail for £14.99 (about $20 USD), and includes previously downloadable-only titles From Dust, Outland and Beyond Good & Evil (assumedly the HD version). 

No word yet on whether this new SKU is legitimate, or whether it will see a release here in the states, but I'm sure many gamers would be happy to pick up this bargain-priced trio of great games as soon as it's available. Fingers crossed!

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