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Ubisoft Singapore working on 'top-secret projects' that aim for innovation


Ubisoft Singapore is up to some top-secret projects according to UbiBlog contributor Gary Steinman and Ubisoft Executive Olivier de Rotalier.

The studio, which opened up in 2008 and has played “pivotal” roles in the shipping of seven titles, has grown beyond belief. Singapore, which Steinman notes in the latest UbiBlog, has never been a hotbed for game development, and the costs of constructing an office in the region is abnormally high. However, Ubisoft took their chances and opened up the studio, which has achieved high success, including the development of 10 Assassin’s Creed 2 levels and naval combat in the upcoming blockbuster, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

So what are these top-secret projects? Neither Steinman nor Rotalier would definitively say. However, Rotalier noted that these projects aren’t new IP’s, but innovation for current brands that’ll help in their expansion globally.

And that’s not all. Along with Ghost Recon Online – solely being developed by Ubisoft Singapore – the studio continues to quietly focus on new ways to contribute to Ubisoft overall, including some top-secret projects in the works. Olivier is careful to point out, though, that Ubisoft Singapore isn’t necessarily working on a new game or franchise. Instead, they’re focusing on innovation. Whether those innovations – be they in technology, gameplay, visuals, level design, or elsewhere – help to make the current brands even bigger or be spun off into new franchises has yet to be determined. Instead, the focus is on “thinking about what kind of benefit we can bring to the player,” Olivier says. “What’s driving growth is the opportunity that we have to work on different projects and ideas to bring something more to Ubisoft.”

Speculation aside, if you’ve been impressed with Ubisoft Singapore’s work so far, then it sounds like you’ll be ecstatic as we move towards the next-generation of gaming.

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