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Ubisoft's Star Trek VR game has been delayed to add iconic Enterprise crew

You'll have to wait just a bit longer.

Ubisoft's Star Trek VR game has been delayed to add iconic Enterprise crew

Star Trek has a very long history spanning back to the 60s. Multiple actors have played multiple characters, there have been characters introduced and killed, and thousands of stories have been told. It only makes sense that Ubisoft wants to make the most content filled package they can for their Star Trek VR game.

Previously supposed to release in 2016 and then March 2017, Ubisoft has delayed their VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew to add polish to the game and even add some additional content that allows players to play with the original USS Enterprise crew.

"We felt it was important to include a part of classic Star Trek with this game, especially during Star Trek's 50th anniversary," Red Storm Entertainment creative director David Votypka said in a statement. "The original USS Enterprise is such an iconic part of the franchise--it's the ship that started it all.

"The adventures and relationships that took place on the ship are a special part of Star Trek history, so we were determined to give players the opportunity to create their own adventures and stories on this classic ship," he added. "We're very excited to see player reactions when they step onto the USS Enterprise original bridge for the first time, and experience Star Trek: Bridge Crew in a whole new way."

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will allow players to fully immerse themselves in the roles of characters on the USS Enterprise during hectic battles. The game will allow you to let other VR players join your crew while you make quick decisions and order your crew around to maintain your ship.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will now release May 30th on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.


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