Ubisoft reveals Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta stats

Ubisoft's futuristic shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is set to release next week, and as a way of saying thanks to all those who participated in the game's beta and helped shape the final product, Ubisoft has released a video highlighting some pretty impressive stats.

For starters, over 600,000 players participated in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta for 1,706,013 hours played.  Here are a few more stats from the beta:

  • 9,816,310 data hacks
  • 3,021,628,150 bullets shot
  • 99,474,068 kills
  • 2,387,377 melee kills
  • 16,101,668 long-range kills
  • Average lifetime for a player: 54 seconds
  • 3,040 level-50 players

"On behalf of the whole Ghost Recon team, we wanted to thank you for playing the beta," Ubisoft said. "We appreciated all your valuable feedback."

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is set to release on May 22 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Check out our impressions of the game's co-op mode.

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