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Ubisoft reiterates that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be next-gen


Beyond Good & Evil 2 is one of those games that tends to pop up every now and then. When the game was first announced, people were stoked at the visual design of the trailer, and it looked like something worth giving a damn about.

These days, Beyond Good & Evil 2 may still be worth caring about, but no one really knows what Ubisoft's plan for the game is. The company recently announced that the title wouldn't be coming to consoles this generation, but that gamers could expect it sometime during the next console generation. In a recent interview, Ubisoft's Michel Ancel made some interesting comments regarding the status of Beyond Good & Evil 2 that really cemented the the idea that it will be a tentative next-gen release.

"We won't make promises that we can't keep," said Ancel. "We are in an active creation stage and at this moment we are only focusing on the game and making it the best game that we can. That decision would just distract us from that objective. I can say that it's a very ambitious game and we need some tech to achieve that ambition."

To further emphasize the point that Beyond Good & Evil 2 likely won't launch this generation, Ancel stated, "We focus on the game. We create it first, then we'll see what can run it. We don't say 2013 because we don't know when it will come. We're working to create a great game and it needs more tech."

Most people figured Beyond Good & Evil wouldn't launch this generation after, you know, Ubisoft said it wouldn't. It's kind of a shame that the game has been in development for so long, though, because whenever any game takes this long to release, it's a slim chance that things turn out according to plan. Let's hope that's not the case with this one.


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