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Ubisoft: Rainbow 6: Patriots may be a next-gen title


When we first heard that the Rainbow series was making a triumphant return – a return marked by devastating terrorists, gorgeous graphics, and gruesome executions – we couldn’t help feel an extreme anticipation. Since its reveal, though, we’ve heard little-to-nothing pertaining to the upcoming tactical shooter, until today.

In an interview with Polygon, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot responded to the possibility of the game being pushed to the next generation of consoles: "there's a good chance it can be.” The CEO then added to his statements saying, “we have a good team working on it, and it's really looking good, so when it will come, it will surprise the industry.”

As you may remember, Rainbow 6: Patriots failed to make an appearance during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles back in June, primarily because it was the “best thing for the brand was to not bring it to the show right now.” Though the time table for a 2013 release is still in Ubisoft’s plans, we expect to hear more in the coming months, especially with potential console plans being unveiled to the public if, indeed, a 2013 holiday release is a prominent reality.

Source: [Polygon]

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