Ubisoft Montreal restructures Rainbow 6 Patriots team

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It's been several years since consoles have welcomed a worthy Tom Clancy Rainbow game (lets be honest, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 stunk), but Ubisoft finally put themselves back on the map with the announcement of Rainbox 6 Patriots. The detailed plot and story perspectives quickly had us intrigued, and wanting more details. Unfortunately, the latest news on the shooter is somewhat gloomy. 

According GameInformer's sources, Ubisoft Montreal has "restructured the development team, removing creative director David Sears, narrative director Richard Rouse III, lead designer Philippe Therien, and animation director Brent George from the project, all of whom we interviewed for our Rainbow 6 Patriots cover story." 

Ubisoft Montreal denied to comment on the restructuring process, which tells us that the title us not as far along as we've been lead to believe. If true, this could mean the tentative 2013 release window could be pushed back further. Rainbow 6 Patriots still looks exceptionally well, and we're still enthused on the upcoming hit. 

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