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Ubisoft Japan delays the release of Far Cry 4

No word on a new release date


A lot of times we see games hit Japan before they hit North America or Europe, but this time Far Cry 4 was set to release in Japan on the 29th of January -- two months after its release in other regions. Unfortunately, upon the promised release date no game was delivered. 

Ubisoft Japan has delayed the release of Far Cry 4 in Japan, without a word.

Everything proceeded as though the game was releasing on time. The release countdown timer on the Steam store page ticked down to zero on January 29th - but the game did not release. The timer was replaced by "Available: 2015" and then "Coming soon. This item is not yet available." There was no word from Ubisoft Japan to anyone that had pre-purchased the game, just silence. It isn't a surprise that the people that pre-ordered the game feel slighted.

One of the individuals affected by Ubisoft Japan's silent decision emailed them concerning the delay of Far Cry 4. What they heard back was that the release date was 'undecided' regardless of the fact that it had been set for months and people had purchased the game believing that it would release on that date:

Yurie 2/3/2015 10:10:24 AM

いつも弊社製品をご愛顧いただき誠にありがとうございます。 こちらはユービーアイソフト ユーザーサポートです。


お問い合わせの件につきまして、FarCry4のPC版は発売を延期させていただきました。 申し訳ございませんが、発売日はまだ未定でございますが、 発売日までお待ちいただきますよう、お願いいたします。



ユービーアイソフト ユーザーサポート

Translation (rough Google translation):

Always you Thank you for your patronage of our products. This is Ubisoft user support.
It has the inconvenience, I am sorry.
With regard to the matter of the inquiry, PC version of Far Cry 4 I was allowed to postpone the sale. Sorry, the Release Date There are still undecided, but as we will wait until the release date, thank you.
That We apologize for the inconvenience, I will apologize to overlap.
We inquiries, Thank you.
Ubisoft user support
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