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Ubisoft developing next-gen engine with the help of the French government


For some reason, Ubisoft partnering with the French government to develop a next-gen engine isn't all that surprising to me. Alright, I admit, the French government part is a little surprising, however the fact that Ubisoft is already working on next-gen visuals is to be expected.

I'll personally announce my love for Ubisoft. From what they've released just this year, and what we can look forward to in 2013, it's clear that Ubisoft has no intention of slowing down.

The project, titled "Mango", is estimated to cost around €14 million over the next 22 months with €3.5 million of that cost coming from the French government.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has stated that this sort of venture is "very new to Ubisoft," and wanted to make sure that the "next engine [is] made in France."

I frankly don't care where it's made, I'm just hoping they'll blow us away with how amazing it looks.


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