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Ubisoft courting Bleszinski? Or Cliffy B trolling the gaming community?


It would appear that Ubisoft is looking to acquire former-Epic Games director Cliff Bleszinski. At least that's what a series of tweets from the highly-touted game director seems to suggest. Either this is the biggest troll in gaming history, or Ubisoft really is courting Cliffy B.

So here's what went down. In what seems like a scene from a movie, played out over a series of Tweets, Cliff Bleszinski allegedly received a fully charged phone with one number programmed and the Ubisoft logo on the backdrop. For proof, Bleszinski posted a photo of it.

"I'm going to call the number on the Ubi phone and say, 'I do have a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me an asset for people like you'," Bleszinski joked.

Do you think the offer is real? Is Ubisoft really courting Bleszinski, or is the acclaimed game director and co-creator of games like Unreal and Gears of War just playing games with all of us? Last month, Bleszinski offered his services to Capcom to help "fix" Resident Evil.

Would you like to see Cliffy B work his magic with a few Ubisoft titles?

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