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Ubisoft and Hasbro teaming up to bring three classic board games to consoles

Want to have a board game night but aren't too keen on setting everything up. Or maybe you get anxious from having to worry about other people not losing any of your game pieces. Hell, you might not even want to have anyone over and still be able to play board games on your own. Ubisoft and Hasbro has you covered.

Coming this Fall, the Hasbro Game Channel will offer three classic board games, Monopoly, RISK and Trivial Pursuit, on current-gen and last-gen consoles. Each game will include multiple gameplay variants, so you'll be able to customize your experience.

Monopoly and RISK will also offer online play, in case all your friends are too busy doing something else that night, like washing their hair...

No price point has been given yet, but it sounds like users will be able to purchase each game individually. The game is slated to release this September.

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