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Type until you're dead in Notch's browser game Drop


When you're one of the most influential people in the world and you're banging money out of your keyboard, you can pretty much make any game you want.

For Markus "Notch" Persson, the famed creator of Minecraft, that game is Drop. Three things inspired it: Terry Cavanagh's action title Super Hexagon, the ending of Phil Fish's puzzle-platformer Fez, and his ceiling.

Drop is a typing challenge where players hammer out the letters that appear in a circular formation as they zoom toward the screen. Fail to type them before they get too close and vanish, and you're dead — or "unloved," or "insecure," and so forth. Different words all communicate the same message: game over.

Better flex those fingers.

If you've played games like Typing of the Dead, you get the idea — only minus the zombies. Stare at the screen too long, and it even starts to hit your eyes like an optical illusion.

"Everything is real. Nothing is real," reads the description.

Since there's only one word per starting letter, you can memorize them to help you through.

Persson originally wanted to make the game for the 48-hour Ludum Dare development challenge but decided not to enter. He still made the game for fun. That's probably for the best — a creator like Notch would easily sweep the competition.


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