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Two New Screens from Battlefield 3's Operation Guillotine Emerge


Just when you thought you've had your fix of Battlefield 3 news for the day, out come two new screens taken from the single-player campaign, more specifically from the Operation Guillotine mission.

As you can see, this is a night time mission and although the images don't do it justice, the trailer revealed some intense night time action. Either way, it's hard to ignore how stunning the night time visuals are for Battlefield 3.

As the battle wages between the PLR and US forces on the outskirts of Tehran, Sgt. Blackburn’s unit (Misfit 1-3) is 1st Recon and part of the assault on the northern quarter of the city, hidden in a park. Their goal: to link up with another Marine unit (Haymaker) and secure the quarter.

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