Two New Chapters for Harmony of Despair

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Screenshot - 820037

It seems Castlevania DLC comes in twos as both Lords of Shadow and now Harmony of Despair are officially getting a duo of content early next year.

Harmony of Despair will be getting two new stages in January, both priced at $4.

"Do as many, become one" will be based on the Catacombs area of Symphony of the Night, and will feature Legion as the boss (an excellent choice, IMO).

"King of the Flies" is the second stage, but no details have been revealed as of yet.

Will these new chapters be adding a substantial amount of exclusive loot, spells, or achievements? Even if they do, Konami is really pushing it with the price of their DLC for an already poorly-supported game.

William Haley
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