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Two Downloadable Games to Watch Out For


Some people are big supporters of the used game market. Others openly embrace the practice of pirating games (the fiends!). Personally, I'm an avid supporter of the downloadable game market. Digital distributors such as Steam and online shops including Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store offer notable releases by both major and indie developers, and they're usually pretty affordable for cost conscious gamers.

The most recent examples of awesome downloadable titles that I've had the pleasure of playing are Outland and Limbo. Now there are two more digital games that have really sparked my interest, and they have done so because, for all intents and purposes, they look pretty freaking sweet. As a gamer, I would highly suggest that you keep an eye on these two upcoming downloads.

The first game, Vessel, comes courtesy of indiePub and Strange Loop Games. In Vessel, it is your job to progress through stages by manipulating liquids to solve puzzles. The whole thing looks incredibly stylish, and it looks like something that fans of puzzle platformers are sure to eat up when it hits Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC.

The second game, which will probably only appeal to a distinct crowd, is called Kyotokei, and it is slated for release on WiiWare. I know, I know, WiiWare constantly houses loads of rubbish, but this one actually looks promising. Think horizontal Ikaruga, and you'll get a clear image of what to expect from this crazy bullet hell game.

Stay tuned for more info from the games' respective publishers and developers.

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