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Two Teasers for PS3 Exclusive 'The Last of Us' Revealed


A lot has happened over the weekend in regards to the PlayStation 3.  We've learned that the PS3 will a younger demographic and more family market heading into 2012.  We've also learned that Sony has big surprises coming to the PS3 in the "back end of the year".

One of those surprises might have been teased over the weekend.  Two new teaser trailers for The Last of Us, a new PS3-exclusive, were revealed over the weekend leading up to the VGAs.  The new title, which is supposed to be formally introduced at the Video Games Award show, was hyped by Geoff Keighley as a "PS3 exclusive you won't believe".  Needless to say, these two teasers have definitely lived up to the hype.

The first trailer shows a post-apocalyptic world, followed by flashbacks to riots, looting, and mass-chaos that appears to be as a result of some time of virus outbreak.  A quarantine sign is shown at the very beginning leading to speculation of a Resident Evil-type game.  The trailer is voiced-over by a male who is remembering the good memories before the chaos and everything good in the world became "all gone."

A second video was found shortly after on, which showed a brief clip of an ant on a leaf and then flashed to the same ant dead.

The clip led to many questions, but IGN may have solved the riddle.  According to them, the clip of the ant is "from an episode of BBC Planet Earth that focuses on cordyceps, a fungus." this weekend. 

According to the actual video, the cordyceps gets into ants, takes over their brains, and grows from inside them - eventually killing them.  You can watch the official BBC Planet Earch video below.

Let the speculation begin.  With two teaser trailers and an official BBC Planet Earth video, we should have enough footage to make some educated guesses as to what the PS3-exclusive game could be about. 

My thoughts?  Obviously it's about some type of virus or outbreak that caused the world to go crazy and result in the end of humanity.  My guess is that the "brain fungus" will cause humans to lose their mind and go crazy.  You will play as a survivor somehow immune to the disease and fight off these crazed enemies.

One thing is certain, this game is shaping up to be huge - at least in terms of hype.

What are your ideas/thoughts on The Last of Us

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