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Two Silhouettes meet in Sony's new Rain trailer

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Since its announcement at Gamescom in 2012, I've kept a close eye on Rain, an intriguing new title from Sony Japan Studio. Save for a few screenshots and a six minute trailer, Sony has kept the game pretty much a mystery to us.

We last saw Rain in March. A brief trailer showed off footage captured from Chapter 1: The Children and the Night, giving us a basic look at the gameplay, which appeared to be focused mostly on storytelling. All we really know is that a young boy mysteriously awakens in a strange world and is captivated by another invisible girl, also brought to life only in the rain. In that prior gameplay video, we saw the boy's introduction to the world and some ways he can escape danger, like using the buildings' cover to become invisible from enemies.

Today, a new trailer dubbed "Two Silhouettes" pulls us deeper into the world of Rain.

"As the boy chases after the girl, he enters the mysterious world of rain and learns that he has also become invisible. In the pouring rain, he is lost and frightened as he is hunted by ghostly creatures. But, his determination to save the girl only grows stronger and he presses on," said SCEA associate producer Dais Kawaguchi.

As you see in the trailer, the paths of the invisible boy and girl will collide. Additionally, the trailer shows off some of the various locations you'll visit like a church and an abandoned factory, each with their own unique look and feel. Along the way, the boy will discover elements about the world, such as walking through mud will make him visible to enemies.

Rain is described as an "emotional journey that will remind players of a familiar yet distant time." It is expected to release in fall 2013 for PS3, but Sony will share more about the game at E3 next month. Be sure to check out GameZone next month for our hands-on preview of the game.

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