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Two new Rune Factory 4 characters revealed


Two new characters have been unveiled for Rune Factory 4, Marvelous' upcoming 3DS RPG. The news came shortly after we learned that you'll be able to beat bosses up, only to get the chance to be frisky with a few of them. Oh, and when I say "frisky" I mean it in the most innocent sense of the word. Like, "see your loved one in his or her pajamas." Because that's exactly what's going to happen in Rune Factory 4.

The first new character (pictured above) is Chlorica (known in Japan as Klorika), who's a butler, and hopefully a damn good one. After all, she did go to the butler academy. That has to count for something! Apparently, she's apprentice to some dude who's carrying out his butler duties for a dragon! She's also really sleepy all the time, accidentally falling asleep when she should be studying. Tsk tsk.

The second character to be announced for Rune Factory 4 (below) is Doug (or Dagu in Japan). This general store employee is described as overzealous and hot-tempered. He also likes to pig out. Looks like we have something in common.

If Rune Factory 4 is anything like Tides of Destiny, I'll be greatly disappointed. I really hope this game goes back to the formula that Rune Factory 3 pulled off so well. That game was great. Stupid Tides of Destiny.


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