Two mile large comet coming towards Earth could be brighter than the moon

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Russian astronomers Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski discovered a comet within the constellation of Cancer late September.  Currently this bad boy is somewhere between Saturn and Jupiter and coming our way.  The ice and gas collection this comet has acquired is about two miles wide.  This particular comet will fly incredibly close to the sun.  During this time it will have the potential to become brighter than the moon.  If space lays its cards right, this phenomenon could go on for a few weeks. 

This comet has no potential to cause harm to Earth but has high potential to become quite the beautiful spectacle in the night’s sky.  Astronomers are saying the brightness of the comet should pass by late this year to early next year.  Since the consistency of the comet is mostly ice, most likely the close proximity to the sun will be the end of its space travel days.     

I'm sure we'll be hearing WAY more about this comet as it gets a bit closer.


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