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Two free expansion for The Division Year 2 detailed by Ubisoft

Free support is always nice.

Two free expansion for The Division Year 2 outlined

Ubisoft has been pretty good with The Division's expansions and DLC. In fact, one of the pieces of content they released managed to turn around the Steam reviews for the game and bring it into a more positive domain.

Now, with Year 2 on the horizon, Ubisoft is planning more DLC for The Division and the first two expansion will be free. Speaking with Game Rant, creative director Julian Gerighty revealed Ubisoft's intention to deliver two expansions to The Division over the game's second year.

“We are looking to reengage the players in light of the first year celebration for The Division by recommitting ourselves to the game in the upcoming 12 months. We will be delivering two separate expansion packs for the game free to everybody in the next 12 months.”

Taking to Reddit, Ubisoft revealed some details on Year 2's expansions, which you can find below:

Year 2

  • Massive and the other Studios stay committed to the game
  • They want to provide a fun and balanced content that will also reward you for playing
  • No Season Pass, all content will be free and released on all platforms at the same time

Additional Maintenance

  • They continue with maintaining the game to give a good experience
  • Bug-Fixing / Balancing will continue
  • There can also be more client patches than just the big DLCs

Story Missions in Year 2?

  • There will not be big map expansions or level increases in year 2
  • They will work on story content and have more narrative in the game but we got no specific details

PTS in Year 2

  • They continue with PTS for the two big Year 2 updates to get the direct feedback from the community
  • It is also intended that consoles will get a PTS

DLC 1 (July / August)

Loadouts for players

  • There will be a tab in the inventory called loadouts with 6 slots that enables you to save your equipped loadout. (Weapon, mods, equipment, skills and talents)
  • This way you can switch on the fly (Image - this is a very early version)

Seasons (this is not the final name)

  • “Seasons” are limited timed events that feature a number of activities with a modifier that give rewards for participation and completion. They will also have leaderboards.
  • Modifiers of seasons are for example “close range” so you have to fight close range (below 15m). You may even need to change your build to participate more effectively.
  • As of now these Seasons are intended for PVE but they can also expand them to PVP (still in discussion)
  • When you perform very well in the Seasons and when are on top of the leaderboards or when you just participated, you will get rewards, patches etc. These rewards are exclusive to these seasons, so you need to participate to get them. Once the seasons are over you will not be able to get them.

Feats of the moment (not final name)

  • "Feats" are going to be in-game challenges and achievements that will give you special patches
  • These are short term, medium term, long term goals.
  • Celebrate moments of great achievements (like completing all legendary missions) Unlock x amounts of points etc.
  • They are also retroactive, so you probably have already unlocked some

New Vanity Slot

  • There will also be a new “special vanity slot"
  • It will be exclusive for seasons
  • No specific details were given

DLC 2 (fall/winter)

  • They were very vague about that
  • This should be more narrative oriented
  • It should also contain replayable content
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