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Twitch Plays finally beat Dark Souls

They did more than I can.

Twitch Plays finally beat Dark Souls

Once a common goal is set, any community can become a powerful driving force - as long as the community is cohesive and chooses the same steps to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, when it comes to Twitch Plays there's a common goal, but little cohesion.

Over 40 days ago, Twitch asked, 'Can Twitch Chat beat Dark Souls?' and the answer was yes -- but only after getting stuck in pools and under ladders and running into walls. There was a lot working against them, like the system itself.

After 43 days Twitch Chat did something that many solo gamers can't do themselves, they beat Dark Souls.

The program that allowed Twitch Chat to make demands of the in-game character was flawed for a game like this. It was too demanding, the game simply couldn't keep up, so it became something of a turn-based program. Twitch Chat made their demands, but the game would only respond after a delay so that the demands could be counted as votes for one action. 

Because Dark Souls never paused with the program's pauses, the community came together and worked out strategies to defeat the bosses. 

Check out their strategy below or head to Twitch where they've started taking on Dark Souls 2!

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