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Twisted Pixel Offers Video Evidence of the Splosion Man

May 5, 2009

Twisted Pixel Offers Video Evidence of the ‘Splosion Man

Point To The Truth With Teaser Trailer and Official Website

Twisted Pixel Games today revealed further evidence of the existence of the ‘Splosion Man, providing a web site and video footage of his escape in Big Science Laboratories. Big Science continues to deny any imminent danger, but experts say that Splosion Man’s arrival on Xbox LIVE Arcade is not a question of if, but when.

Rumored to be born of pure energy and gifted with the ability to ‘splode himself at will, the ‘Splosion Man would have nearly limitless destructive power. Director Josh Bear analyzes, “He’s just been born, so he has the mind of a two-hour old child. All he wants to do is ‘splode things up and break through glass.” Bear shows a clip of ‘Splosion Man ‘sploding a scientist into ribeyes and filets. “Totally awesome... or, I mean, terrible. Oh the humanity.”

Click here to download the new 'Splosion Man trailer.

Big Science denies the allegations, saying they would never endanger mankind with reckless experimentation. When questioned about the smoldering ruins piled up where their vast laboratory was headquartered and the succulent smell of barbeque on the wind, they point to their technology. “Even if something tried to escape our labs, which he didn’t, how could he overcome the power of Science?”

With over 50 single-player levels in their labs, Big Science does seem well equipped to handle any threat. Security machinery and traps fill each floor, and, curiously, ultra powerful “bosses” are spaced at intervals amongst the vast complex. The scientists are also prepared with a set of 50 unique multiplayer co-op levels should multiple Splosion Men emerge and begin working in concert.

Twisted Pixel Games vows to continue searching for the truth, posting their findings to Their video evidence is currently available and more information should be exposed in the coming weeks.

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