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Twisted Metal Now Rated M


The upcoming Twisted Metal was meant to be a dark game with heavy science fiction inspiration. Developer Eat Sleep Play was going for a stylish experience, but it wasn't trying to create something as gory or moody as Twisted Metal: Black. That's the way things used to be.

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has revealed at this year's Comic-Con that the upcoming entry in the long-running car combat series will no longer be suitable for its originally planned T rating. Instead, the outspoken developer stated that the game will sport a full-on M rating, reports GameSpot. This is due to the gore and mature themes Eat Sleep Play is working into the highly anticipated title.

Players can expect bigger explosions with bloodier results, crazier kills, and darker stories for the game's cast. This new direction was taken after the developer wasn't really feeling the toned down vibe of the game. "Without blood, it felt a little weird, frankly," stated Jaffe.

I was really impressed with the surreal and incredibly dark tones in Twisted Metal: Black. For me, that was the ultimate Twisted Metal experience, and I felt that the style certainly suited the franchise. In the end, Twisted Metal was likely going to gain attention due to its longevity and solid gameplay, but the new direction in terms of content should be a good move for older gamers who want to play something more like Twisted Metal: Black.

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