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Twisted Metal vehicle editor is live, awesome


It was pretty sweet when the announcement was made that Twisted Metal players would be able to customize their vehicles to their heart's content. Up until now, we've been able to edit in-game rides using the preset customization tools in Twisted Metal, but that feature is nothing out of the ordinary. The online editor has launched, though, and it's pretty awesome.

The online editor, which you can use on, has a number of existing decals that you can use, but it's also totally open. The whole thing is really cool, and it's a lot of fun creating a unique skin for your destructive little machine. I really couldn't resist turning the Meat Wagon into the Super Meat Wagon and tossing in a bunch of cool Super Meat Boy stuff on it!

You can save a number of customs for each of the game's vehicles so you have options when you're playing. You can also view other players' customs and save them to your garage. So if you see anything you like, you're more than welcome to take it for a spin.

Check out David Jaffe's introductory video to learn about how the editor works. It's pretty simple stuff, but he does mention some key things you may want to know before creating your customs. For more on Twisted Metal, check out GameZone's review of the game, written by our own Robert Workman.

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