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Twisted Metal patch coming tonight, or Thursday morning


Twisted Metal could be getting a patch, as early as tonight or Thursday morning, to fix the game's broken matchmaking system.  Since the game's release a little over a week ago, many PS3 users have been unable to join online games.  Those that do get in, sometimes experience random disconnects mid-match.

Twisted Metal co-director David Jaffe gave fans an update, via his blog, yesterday, announcing a "patch left SDQA today and is in format tomorrow."

"It's POSSIBLE it will hit Twisted Metal tomorrow nite but Sony tells me it will be either tomorrow nite or Thursday morning," he said.

"Forgive my layman's understanding of this sort of stuff, but the core idea is that we hope the patch will go some/a long/the full (not sure which) way to making it so players connect consistently to online games."

Below are the expected issues the upcoming patch will address in Twisted Metal:

  •  Quick match and user created matches will be split so people looking for human created games are not being pulled/put into quick match games.
  •  The list of matches will be randomized (to an extent) so not every user sees the same game list in the same order (causing EVERYONE to try to pick games off game list page 1 at the same time and the resulting in some of our CAN NOT JOIN ISSUES).
  •  When a user gets a CAN NOT JOIN error and tries to create his own game, seems there is a bug where not all of the CAN NOT JOIN game is cleared out, potentially creating a new game room that retains elements of the CAN NOT JOIN logic from the first game the user tried to set up. The programmers at ESP and SONY feel this fix could solve a large % of our issues with players connecting and MAYBE even solve the issues of players being dropped mid game.
  •  A few other fixes that- we hope- will make big differences to connecting.

Other issues on Sony and Eat Sleep Play's agenda include lightening custom skins which will be done through a website update "in the next 48 hours", addressing common requests/complaints about the game with a "to do/to patch list", and changing the UI so that the online host won't be able to "miss the visuals cues they need to hit start".

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