Twisted Metal online matchmaking error is 'utter crap'

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Yesterday, David Jaffe gave an update on Twisted Metal and its online multiplayer matchmaking system, which many PS3 users have been experiencing trouble with.

The high concept of the update, according to Jaffe:

"We're very aware it's broken and we're working on."

In the video, Jaffe mentioned that he talked to producer Zack Wood who said one of the "network errors" was actually a text display issue.

"There's actually a text error where when you try to join a game and a room is full," he said.  Although Jaffe did admit it's not going to solve a lot of the problems users are experiencing.

Jaffe explained, "We're actually giving a message that says "Network Error", when the actual message should say "Room Full".

Unfortunately, that isn't the root of the online matchmaking problems.  The issues remain on the "Sony server side," a visibly frustrated and tired Jaffe said.  "We've got tons of people going at it, and we're just gonna keep cranking."

"Everybody tells me a lot of games have this launch week.  It'd doesn't matter," he continued.  "It's shitty.  If you're pissed, you have every right to be pissed.  We're pissed too.  It's crap, utter crap."

"But we'll get it.  We will get it," he reassured fans.

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