Twisted Metal demo coming to PS3 on January 31st

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There's been a lot of speculation about the upcoming PS3-exclusive game, Twisted Metal - a lot of it stemming from the candidness of game creator David Jaffe who has been pretty open about the game from the beginning.  Thanks to Twitter and his Blog, we think we know a lot about the game already like it's "1,000 times better" than Twisted Metal: Black, or that players interested in just the campaign will be "disappointed".

Regardless of what players think they know, come next Tuesday they'll be able to form their own opinion of the game.  According to this week's PlayStation blogcast, the Twisted Metal demo will come to PlayStation Network, giving users a full two weeks to demo the game before its release on February 14th.

The Twisted Metal demo is said to contain a multiplayer component, giving fans a good feel for how the majority of their gameplay time will be spent.  Additional details and its contents will be revealed in the coming days.

Lucky for us, we've already had our hands-on preview with Twisted Metal, but we are anxious to hear your feedback on the game.

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