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Twelve Sky to Release Content Update

March 3, 2008

Twelve Sky to Release Content Update

Twelve Sky, Aeria Games most highly anticipated massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is set to release new content that will forever change the game.

A player versus player based MMORPG; Twelve Sky embodies oriental martial arts style of battling tactics. Set in ancient China in the midst of an age old conflict between three factions.

The 9-Tier Pagoda will be open to players who are levels 113 and above with up to 150 players at a time. Players will experience the 9-Tier Pagoda three times a week at a specified time. During that time each faction will join the zone separately and team up to fight most difficult monsters Twelve Sky has seen.

The 9-Tier Pagoda will unleash the godliest of beasts and bosses that no one player can handle. These monsters feed off the blood of the weak, and only can only be killed by the most skilled Twelve Sky players. Each of its floors has new monsters and new trials that will take teamwork to master.

No one player can conquer this new zone, so players must team up with their respected factions to defeat the godly monsters. The skilled players who can defeat the 9- Tier Pagoda will be rewarded with some of greatest items in the game and become the heroes of Twelve Sky.

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