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Tweet Land Turns Twitter into a Death Trap


Traffic, zombies, and meteors represent a sampling of the obstacles that aim to kill you in games, but where do they come from? An upcoming indie project called Tweet Land supposes that all this hazardous material comes from Twitter. At the very least, the concept seems to sum up Twitter quite well.

The game is actually two games in one: Route 140 and Love City. The first looks like the 2D racers of yore, where players zipped down a straight highway while dodging traffic and other hazards. The idea is that if someone tweets “car accident” or “meteor,” the game will start tossing those obstacles at you.

The concept sounds a bit like Scribblenauts, and like that game, this one may be largely dependent on how many distinct words it supports. Currently the two games are still in development, gaining funding as a Kickstarter project in their last week to help meet the team's goals. Details are scarce on the second title, Love City, which is said to be an action shooter.

Developed by a team of six guys from Costa Rica, Tweet Land was born from a desire to mix gaming and social networking in a different way. “Tweet Land was born on the day that we started thinking how fun it would be that people's comments on social networks could turn real, and best of all, if one could play with that,” said one of the members of the team.

Set to arrive later this year for iPhone and web browsers, Tweet Land could be the next indie phenomenon--or just a curious oddity. Either way, it's a pretty unique idea. Credit to for pointing this one out.

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