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Turning Point Demo Hits Xbox Live

January 23, 2008

Turning Point Demo Hits Xbox Live

Experience the explosive opening scenario from Turning Point: Fall of Liberty which opens as the sun rises over New York on a September morning in an alternative 1953. Without warning, the undefeated Third Reich launch an explosive attack on the City and, sending a very clear message, amputates the Statue of Liberty in a devastating bombing run.

The demo sees players assume the role of Dan Carson, a New York City construction engineer, at work on the girders of a skyscraper. The invasion intensifies and, as the skies fill with Zeppelins, jet aircraft and assault blimps, the skyscraper takes several direct hits. With the building collapsing around him, Carson must run for his life, heading towards the relative safety of the street.

Players come face to face with the enemy as paratroopers descend on the building. soon, they’ll come across a Nazi Paratrooper struggling with his gear which will in introduce the game’s Grappling mechanic, disarming and dispatching the jackbooted henchman off the side of the building in a dramatic environmental kill.

The rest of the demo includes lots of gunplay, grenades, and action – showcasing some of the game’s great set-piece combat in an iconic setting.

Join in the discussion on the Codemasters Forum, where Ian Webster our new dedicated Community Officer for action titles will be pleased to welcome you.

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