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Turn super hero with these GTA 4 mods


Sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, and patiently waiting for GTA 5 to come out? Already beat GTA 4 ten times and have no desire to step back into virtual Liberty City once more? These mods might change that.

Thanks to modder H1Vltg3, you can turn your open-world experience into something much more super-powered. Aside from the skins that will make Nico look like Spider-Man, Deadpool and Batman, there are also scripts you can enable that will enable you to take to the skies as Iron Man and Superman.

That's right, H1Vltg3 not only perfectly skinned the main character to look like various super heroes, but also gave them unique animations and the ability to perform some of their signature moves like Iron Man's repulsor beam and his ability to take to the skies. Check it out and then head on over to his page to download it.


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