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True Revolution Is Coming - Trickster Online Revolution Episode 2 Is Here

March 27, 2008

True Revolution Is Coming - Trickster Online Revolution Episode 2 Is Here

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online Revolution has just released the second Revolution Episode, new NPCs, new in-game systems and much more!

A New Revolution is Here! Trickster Online Revolution Episode 2 Is Live!

With the newest content update and patch for Trickster Online Revolution, the second major Revolution Episode comes to Caballa Island! Revolution in Trickster Online is not merely a buzz term, but a fully-loaded update and addition to the popular online title. With the first and now second Revolution Episode, Trickster is setting a new standard for online titles focusing on immersion of players into the mysteries and deep backstory of the game itself, the history of Caballa Island! Revolution Episode 2 allows players to delve deeper than ever before into the secrets of Caballa Island and the disappearance of its once mighty inhabitants, the Altheo Empire.

Episode 2 involves over twenty interlocking and story driven quests that will provide a colorful and fully detailed look into the hidden mysteries of the fallen Altheo Empire, Megalo Company, the late Don Cavalier and Trickster Online Revolution itself, and includes a brand new area never before seen in any previous adventures, Mirage Island! Tricksters who wish to begin the quest for glory, and answers to every burgeoning question that began in Revolution Episode 1, should begin by finding the Waterweed Witch, Kahlihara in the newly revised and completely overhauled Mermaid Palace!

Revolution Episode 2!

In addition to the newly released Revolution Episode 2 content, an exclusive Episode 2 Event has also begun to reward all Tricksters who are able to make their way to the new, amazing Mirage Island local! Completion of the new Episode 2 Quests will allow Tricksters to receive outstanding in-game items.

Revolution Episode 2 Event!

Level Your Pets! Make Them Stronger with the Brand New Pet Leveling System!

Pets are a valued and highly important component of the Trickster Online Revolution experience. Pets add stat bonuses and provide a unique aesthetic compliment to Tricksters throughout the island. Previously, Pets were limited by their individual Level compatibility, yet now, Trickster Online Revolution is releasing a brand new system which will allow Pets to Level up and increase their in-game prowess just as regular Tricksters do! Tricksters interested in this exciting new addition, make sure to visit Pet Breeder Erin and Egg Shop Owner Leonardo in Megalopolis! Tricksters interested in gaining new training for their pets and the ability to change their stats should make sure to visit Pet Trainer Shara in Megalopolis as well!

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