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True Player Gear has a VR device to compete with Oculus Rift


True Player Gear, who I know nothing about because I can't find anything about them, has a 3D VR Mask with head and body tracking capabilities for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Mac. I found the specs and a picture of the mask from their website, but outside of that, it's a complete mystery.

That said, this headset is one of the top posts on Reddit today, so it looks like in the wake of Facebook buying Oculus Rift, people are hungry for an alternative device.

true player gear

The device features a 1080p OLED screen with 90 degrees field of view. I've already listed the platforms it supports for you, but the supported engines are Unreal, Unity, Havok and CryEngine. It connects via HDMI input and USB output (tracker). 

Reddit is having a field day, of course, complete with humor that Comcast will buy True Player Gear because we can't have anything nice. This little tidbit is my favorite...

reddit comment

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