Trouble in paradise! SimCity having some issues on day one

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With no surprise to anyone, SimCity is having some slight issues on its launch day, specifically playing with friends. One of the biggest draws is obviously playing with others. For some, playing with friends you actually know is far better than playing with random strangers. Turns out that might be a little harder to do than it sounds.

First and foremost, Origin friends don't automatically carry over into the game, meaning you have to manually refriend everyone who has owns SimCity from within the game. The game also seems to default the European servers which will make finding your friends even harder.

The worst part is that actually finding your friends through the in-game friend list, doesn't actually work. At first I thought it was a self contained problem, but it seems like my other co-workers are experiencing the same problem. When attempting to friend someone, we get an error that states "Could not send friend request. Please try again later."

Make sure to check out our review in progress which doesn't touch on the multiplayer aspect yet, since we were waiting for the official servers to go live. It's looking like that was a very good idea after all.

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