Tropico 5 announced for PS4

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As we learned in August, El Presidente will be ruturning in 2014 with the launch of Tropico 5. This time, however, he's not content with just your PC. He's got his eyes set on your living room as well.

Kalypso Media today announced that Tropico 5 will be available on PlayStation 4. Though the details are scarce, developer Haemimont Studios is said to be taking "full advantage" of the PS4's unique features, hardware, and controller.

"We have been evaluating many new and exciting development opportunities for the Tropico brand and by bringing Tropico 5 to PlayStation 4 we open a new chapter in the history of the game" said Kalypso Media global managing director Stefan Marcinek. "By taking full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s processing power the island of Tropico and El Presidente have never looked better."

As for gameplay, it seems Tropico 5 will refine the core mechanics in the series which sees you take control of the infamous island of Tropico during early colonial times and guide it through the centuries as the world changes. And, for the first time ever in the series, Tropico 5 will feature cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players.

There's still no release date for the game, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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