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Tropico 4 Release Date Confirmed


Kalypso Media, the folks behind the Tropico franchise, have confirmed the release date to the fourth installment of the series, Tropico 4. The title was delayed last month due to unknown reasons, but gamers can look forward to October 21 when the game hits store shelves. 

The game once again follows the protagonist, El Presidente, as he works towards restoring power in the Caribbean: a land he once ruled over.

The PC version of Tropico 4 has been released and several publications have stated their opinions on it: 

"It's hard not to like Tropico 4, because it's based on a solid foundation that is naturally engaging," wrote Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead. "It was and remains an enjoyable if slight take on a dry genre. Its tragedy is that it hasn't bothered to build anything worthwhile on top of that foundation, preferring instead to coast on jaunty music that makes you feel like you're playing in Nando's and broad satire that fails to sustain the game beyond the first few days of play."


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