Trophy list for mysterious PS4 title 'Tutorial Shooting Game' pops up online

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - PS4 Trophies

Alright Trophy Hunters, it seems we have our first list of goals for you when the PlayStation 4 releases in November. Trophy tracking website Exophase, posted the entire list for something called "Tutorial Shooting Game." While we've yet to hear anything from Sony regarding the mysterious title, site owner Mike Bendel suggested the game could be a free inclusion with the PS4. And judging from the simplicity of the Trophies, I reckon he could be right.

Below is the full list of trophies available in the game:

Gold Trophy

  • Win the game among 4 players. (Multi Player Game)
  • Reached 90,000 scores. (Single Player Game)

Silver Trophy

  • Win the game among 3 players. (Multi Player Game)
  • Played game with 4 players. (Multi Player Game)

Bronze Trophy

  • Win the game between 2 players. (Multi Player Game)
  • Played game with 3 players. (Multi Player Game)
  • Played game with 2 players. (Multi Player Game)
  • Reached 50,000 scores. (Single Player Game)
  • Played 1 game. (Single Player Game)

We'll update you as soon as we learn more about the mysterious title. I'm guessing it'll be an arcade-like shooter that gets you familiar with the PlayStation 4, possibly the PS Eye.


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