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TRON: Evolution Uploading First Multiplayer Map Pack


TRON: Evolution currently contains four multiplayer maps and two more as free downloadable content via a one-time-use code (for those who actually bought their copy). Disney's looking to double that with a DLC map pack, though pricing and a release date have yet to be announced.

The pack includes the following five maps:

* Skyline: On the upper echelons of TRON City, combatants deftly navigate massive gaps among rooftops while battling. * Spires: A Nexus Stream maintenance spire hangs precariously under the expanse of Arjia City. Vertical mobility is the key to survive. * Classic: The first-generation game grid meets the next generation of grid combatants. * Relic: A legacy of the past, the original game grid is slowly being eaten away by the Outlands. * Drydock: In a highly secure part of the Grid, Clu's Regulator is nearing the final phases of its construction.

It's a little curious that such a large amount of content (in comparison to what's already included) would be released so quickly after the game's launch, but what do you expect? The game was never anything more than a half-assed attempt at cashing in on the movie. The multiplayer's hardly enjoyable enough to play for free, let alone having to pay it.

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