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Trickster Online Revolution Releases Much Anticipated 3rd Jobs

December 19, 2007

Trickster Online Revolution Releases Much Anticipated 3rd Jobs and Related Content

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online Revolution has recently released new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG.

Trickster Online Revolution Releases Much Anticipated 3rd Jobs and Related Content:

In the 2.6.5 Patch, Ntreev USA has added 3rd Jobs and all related content for Trickster Online Revolution. The 3rd Jobs are an extension and an in-game upgrade for players. It not only changes the appearance of characters, but also unlocks a host of new job based skills and maneuvers.

Sang Kwon, Manager of Game Operations for Ntreev USA and Trickster Online Revolution, said that, "We are all glad that we were able to get this long awaited feature out before the holidays!" He further explained that, "[3rd Jobs] Opens the door to more exciting skills and items, but this is just a first step [for upcoming content and releases that will enhance the game]!" He later added his extreme appreciation on behalf of Ntreev USA, for the already "huge response" that the new content has gotten from players.

By adding 3rd Jobs and related content, Ntreev USA has expanded the already large number of possible Jobs and Advancements from the initial 16 variations (including 1st and 2nd Jobs) to a new total of 33 unique Jobs and Advancements. 3rd Jobs now add a total of 17 job variations for Trickster Online Revolution character types, which is more than 1st and 2nd Jobs combined. These new Jobs are based on the initial 4 character types already available for all players, including a male and female version of Charm, Sense, Power and Magic character types.

Players interested in advancing their characters to 3rd Jobs should proceed directly to the Garden of Skill Masters.

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