Trick or Treat? 'Paranormal Activity 5' set for Halloween 2013 release

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It isn't a Halloween without a Paranormal Activity movie, right? The fourth installment in the franchise opened on Friday to the tune of $30 million in the domestic box office. That total is less than the opening weekends of both PA2 and PA3, but that hasn't stopped Paramount from announced a Halloween 2013 release date for Paranormal Activity 5.

Paranormal Activity 4 hasn't gotten the best of reviews, with GameZone rating it a 2 out of 5 stars. One has to wonder how much the series has left in it. With the found footage formula being milked for all it's worth, and other films now doing it better, what can these franchise do to distinguish itself? It's sad to say, but I think Paranormal Activity might just be the new Saw. It'll keep trying to up the ante every year, but with lackluster results.

But until people stop going to see the movie, Paramount isn't likely to stop. PA4 shot on a $5 million budget, so it's already profitable. And with a big following overseas, the franchise is like a yearly stipend for Paramount. There's no word on who's writing, directing or starring in PA5, but Oren Peli and Jason Blum will produce, again.

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