Tribes: Ascend trailer claims title of "The Original E-Sport"

Tribes: Ascend is the exciting Free-to-Play rendition of the classic Tribes multiplayer, with all the classic jetpack combat we've come to love. Most excitingly though, the game is finally returning as a true e-sport, offering custom servers with competitive rulesets, cash tournaments, spectator mode and in-game streaming of live feeds.
So, you can now compete for money in this already thrilling F2P shooter? Sign us up!
Game info: Tribes: Ascend features a class-based loadout system. Each loadout specifies what type of armor the player has, along with what weapons and items they carry. Each loadout supports two in-hand weapons, a set of belt items such as grenades or mines and a pack. There are three possible sizes of armor to choose: light, medium and heavy, with 3 loadouts in each weight group, for a total of 9. Players can select which loadout to use either when first joining a game, respawning or at an inventory station. Loadouts may be acquired either through an upfront payment, or through playing the game and earning experience, which can be used to purchase classes, weapons, perks and upgrades.Paid-for loadouts will be available to the user instantly, while those who choose to unlock them through playing will have a much longer wait. Upgrades to armor, weapons and perks can only be purchased by experience points. Players will be given 3 free loadouts: the Pathfinder, Soldier, and Juggernaut, when they first start playing the game, each wearing light, medium and heavy armor respectively.

Hi-Rez will also sell cosmetic items such as player skins, along with boosters that allow players to gain experience points at a faster rate. Players earn in-match credits during matches for killing enemies, repairing structures or capturing objectives. Credits are then used to buy vehicles, supply drops, Tactical and Orbital strikes and base upgrades.

As of February 22nd Tribes:Ascend opened up public beta for all interested players. Arena 5v5 was added and rabbit was disabled during this phase of the beta.

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